Lily in London: 2016 pt. 1

It’s the 5th day of 2016 and a few things are on my mind:

  1. My 2015 resolution to not go to the ER was a success! Zero emergency room visits for the entire year was a huge win for this neck-breaking, finger-spraining, toe-breaking, accident-prone girl. Seriously, when is there going to be a loyalty program for University Hospital?
  2. I just moved into my flat for the next four months in London.
  3. Jet lag is real.

For those who haven’t heard from my mom’s adorably sappy Facebook posts, this semester I will be living, working and studying in London through Mizzou’s journalism school. My internship is at Weller Media Agency, which creates digital content and PR for record labels (with clients like Lady Gaga, Jessie J, James Bay—could not be more excited about this position.) I’ve never stepped foot outside of the continental United States until about 3 hours ago, but I am so ready to explore and fall in love with this city.

Big travel wins for the day:

  • My suitcase weighing in at 50.0 pounds even
  • Witnessing a near-brawl over line cutting in O’Hare security
  • The baby sitting in front of me on my flight only crying once

In addition to keeping up with this blog, I’m a travel writer for the journalism study abroad office, which I’ll link to throughout the semester. Keep up with my square-imaged life on Instagram (@lilyzacharias) and pray I don’t become the inspiration for the next Taken sequel.

6 thoughts on “Lily in London: 2016 pt. 1

  1. I am so happy & proud for you!! Enjoy this time in your life. I am looking forward to reading about your daily journey. Most of all, stay safe, be happy and go after your life goals with all your heart & soul. Just remember to keep God first & everything will work out fine.

    Prayers & love to my crazy second cousin.

  2. I hope you have a great time. I studied abroad last year, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. However those suitcase weight limits almost killed me!

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