Not enough hours in…Prague


If you had told me before I left for London that the third country I would visit in my life would be the Czech Republic, I would have:

  1. Been skeptical
  2. Looked up where the Czech Republic is
  3. Seen Prague on the map and realized I never knew what country Prague was in
  4. Pretended like I knew where the Czech Republic was the whole time

But the greatest thing about study abroad is that you’re constantly being surprised. The second greatest thing about study abroad is becoming less of an idiot about geography. This semester I’m interning remotely for student travel company Weekend Student Adventures (surprise #1, happening upon this job in addition to my London one,) and our boss Andy Steves held an intern meet-up in Prague (surprise #2, booking a last minute flight to Prague.)

Dates: Thursday, February 11 – Sunday, February 14

In 5 words or less: When can I go back?!

What I loved:

  • Having a WSA tour guide. The concept of WSA tours is that you get to experience the best European cities with a local guide who knows the city like the back of their hand. Because of this, you get to go to the best restaurants, never have to look at a map, and hang out with a fun local and other students in Europe all weekend. Seriously, if you’re studying abroad or just traveling, book at least one trip with WSA.
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Adi, the best guide who brought us endless food and sass.
  • Our hostel. WSA booked us in Mosaic House and it was the best first ever hostel experience (!!!) I could have hoped for. (Much better than Annie’s.) A rain shower is not a luxury you come to expect from a hostel, but I certainly did not complain.
  • The view from the Old Town Hall Tower. Prague was this beautiful in early February, a phenomenon I will never fully understand. Also, you get a student discount if you have your student ID.

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  • The Charles Bridge. You can’t really avoid crossing this if you’re in Prague, so it’s a good thing it’s a stunning view.
  • Traditional Czech food. Adi took us to a great restaurant where I experienced true goulash for the first time in my life, and I have not stopped thinking about it since. I have never had a food that was so heavy and delicious and wonderful.
There’s nothing about that plate that isn’t perfect.
  • Trdelník. Behold, the beauty of this Czech pastry. Get it with Nutella and experience pure bliss.
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En route to the airport. Carbo-loaded to make having to leave a little bit easier.


  • Lennon Wall.  The wall from everyone you know who’s ever studied abroad’s Instagram! Though smaller than I anticipated, it was cool to see the different things people tag the wall with.
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Feeling T.J. Eckelburg vibes.
  • The nightlife. From renovated cellars to a club called James Dean to a bar we’re 99% sure was the meeting spot of the Czech mafia, we definitely got a taste of the wide range of nightlife in Prague. We did not pay visit to the 5 story club (thank God), but absolutely hit up the kebab stand across the street from it.

Things I would pass on:

  • Uh… Nothing that we did. WSA knows how to plan a trip. Okay, one thing:
  • Wearing clothes that I didn’t want to reek of cigarette smoke. Cigarettes are everywhere in Prague, and you absolutely cannot avoid smelling like it for the duration of your trip and approximately 27 weeks following your return.

If I had one more day I would have…

  • Eaten more. 
  • Figured out a way to move there ASAP. 
  • (There really isn’t much to say for this because we had such a packed visit. I just want to see this city in the summer when everything is in bloom, and I’m jealous of anyone who gets to do that. Prague is a fairy tale and I’ll always be in love with it.)

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Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

3 thoughts on “Not enough hours in…Prague

  1. The travel blog has been attempted a million times, but you somehow find a unique way to add a personal perspective – great pictures on top of it, too! I know the reek of cigarette smoke after bars in Copenhagen all too well, even my washing machine was mad at me. Definitely checking out the rest of London & Beyond

    1. Haha aw, thank you Jason! You’re too kind. And yes….very similar experience in Copenhagen. Not going to miss the smoke after I leave Europe

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