4 trains & 5 buses: Brighton, UK

Public transportation and I are the epitome of a love/hate relationship. First, I love how quickly it is to get around. Then, I become painfully aware of how many people are coughing around me. Then, the Tube breaks down and I have to take an Uber. Then, I see the Uber bill and remember how much I love public transportation.

As much as my negative feelings toward it grow, last weekend, public transportation made a gorgeous last-minute day trip possible. Patrick crafted a plan to go to Brighton for the day, and he triumphantly played dad and mapped the route for us.

Train 1: London –> Brighton

Bus 1: Brighton –> Devil’s Dyke 
We happened to be there on a beautiful sunny day when a group of paragliders were sailing over the hill, adding even more color to the bright green landscape. That’s one great thing about England–even when it’s cold and there are no leaves on the trees, the grass is so green.
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Attempting to paraglide via scarf.

Adding the next three to my ongoing collection of “Millennials in Europe”:

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Mara gets a special shoutout for best shoe choice of the day. As we struggled through grass, mud and rocks, Mara wore her LL Bean boots with pride.

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Also she’s my go-to unsuspecting model and only complains a little bit about it.

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This is Mara summed up in one picture–ll that’s missing is coffee.

Bus 2: Devil’s Dyke–>Brighton

Before getting on this bus, we embarked on a mission to beat the sunset and arrive at our next destination before dark. It was bold, and we were up to the challenge.

Train 2: Brighton–>Seaford

Bus 3: Seaford–>Seven Sisters

It was after getting off this bus that I thought I broke my camera, only to discover when I got home that it was actually on self timer and I didn’t notice. Despite my utter obliviousness, I managed to get some gorgeous shots as we sprinted over a gigantic hill to get to the coast.

IMG_0030Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_0031

But all the trains and busses and running over a hill and rolling my ankle and drenching my shoes with mud was worth it for this:

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It got dark quickly, but not too quickly for a moody silhouette photo.

Bus 4: Seven Sisters–>Seaford

Train 3: Seaford–>Lewes

Bus 5: Lewes–>Three Bridges

Train 4: Three Bridges–>London

Our group was surrounded by so much beauty both in the city and in the country, all in one day. England is unreal.

Lily in London: 2016 pt. 1

It’s the 5th day of 2016 and a few things are on my mind:

  1. My 2015 resolution to not go to the ER was a success! Zero emergency room visits for the entire year was a huge win for this neck-breaking, finger-spraining, toe-breaking, accident-prone girl. Seriously, when is there going to be a loyalty program for University Hospital?
  2. I just moved into my flat for the next four months in London.
  3. Jet lag is real.

For those who haven’t heard from my mom’s adorably sappy Facebook posts, this semester I will be living, working and studying in London through Mizzou’s journalism school. My internship is at Weller Media Agency, which creates digital content and PR for record labels (with clients like Lady Gaga, Jessie J, James Bay—could not be more excited about this position.) I’ve never stepped foot outside of the continental United States until about 3 hours ago, but I am so ready to explore and fall in love with this city.

Big travel wins for the day:

  • My suitcase weighing in at 50.0 pounds even
  • Witnessing a near-brawl over line cutting in O’Hare security
  • The baby sitting in front of me on my flight only crying once

In addition to keeping up with this blog, I’m a travel writer for the journalism study abroad office, which I’ll link to throughout the semester. Keep up with my square-imaged life on Instagram (@lilyzacharias) and pray I don’t become the inspiration for the next Taken sequel.